‘Bio’ meaning natural and ‘illumia’ which encompasses our focus to restore luminous glowing skin by using active botanical ingredients proven to renew a bright and healthy skin tone.

We embrace the clean beauty movement and the healing power of nature in each of our pure skincare formulations.

Bio illumia creates luxury natural skincare using high potency antioxidants, enzymes and rich oils to promote a visibly radiant and youthful complexion.


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Bio illumia’s powerful plant skincare is created using highly active Australian botanicals.

We source rich clays, nourishing oils, fruit enzymes and proven anti-aging extracts from the earth.

Our entire skincare range is made of 100% natural ingredients to rejuvenate and revitalise healthy skin.

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We use organic ingredients where possible in our formulations based on availability from our botanical and sustainable suppliers; these organic elements are noted on the label with a * symbol and are listed on our website.


All our ingredients are formulated in synergy to increase cellular regeneration and promote a radiant complexion.


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Bio illumia is proud to be 100% vegan.

No animal bi-products are used in any of our formulations.

We believe that all skincare companies can create pure luxury skincare whilst maintaining an ethical beauty standard.

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As a business with ethical values, Bio illumia does not perform animal testing or purchase from suppliers who participate in these practices.


Our skincare collection is 100% cruelty free.

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Each product is created in small batches in a custom made Eco-lab on the Gold Coast.


Bio illumia is 100% Australian owned and supports local Australian businesses and suppliers with all our printing, graphic design, marketing, photography and sustainable packaging.