3 Ways to Foster Positive Mental Health During Self-isolation

Everywhere you turn, you hear about COVID-19. When you turn on the TV or look at social media, there’s been another outbreak. It’s difficult not to feel anxiety around the coronavirus. Here are some ways you can help reduce the stress of thinking about COVID-19.

Limit Your Media Consumption

Don’t watch the news continually or keep it on in the background. Keeping a constant vigil over what’s happening in the outside world can take a toll on your mental health. Watch the news first thing in the morning and turn off the TV. You don’t need to find out how many people have gotten sick in the last hour.

Social media is another place where you are probably hearing all kinds of COVID-19 news. Limit your social media time. It’s okay to check in on friends, but don’t spend your time reading everything there is about the virus. Half the stuff on social media is propaganda or has some advertising goal. Limit how much time you spend on social media and set a boundary.

Start A New Hobby

Now that your home, it’s the perfect time to start a hobby. Having a hobby is not only a stress reliever, but it’s also good for your mental wellbeing. When you concentrate on a hobby, you are doing something you care about. Make a list of things you’ve thought about doing or are passionate about. Here are some ideas:

- Knitting

- Writing

- Meditation

- Yoga

- Painting

- Scrapbooking

- Learning to play an instrument

- Sewing

- Pottery

- Photography

Having a hobby helps you get through those tough times, can build social connections, and may even help you learn a new skill for your job.

Laugh, Laugh, Laugh

Laughter really is one of the best medicines. Laughter not only increases blood flow, but it also relaxes the muscles. Laughing is a big stress reliever and helps with your mental well being. While you have a little more time on your hands, make a point of watching funny movies or shows or read some funny books. Here is a list to get you started:

Movies and Shows

- The Hangover

- Bridesmaids

- Austin Powers

- The National Lampoons Vacation

- Super Bad

- The Wedding Crashers

- A Fish Called Wanda

- There’s Something About Mary

- The Blues Brothers

- Stir Crazy

- Monty Python Holy Grail

- Three Fugitives

- The Caddy Shack

- Anything with Will Farrel


- Bossypants (Tina Fey)

- Yes Please (Amy Poehler)

- Let’s Pretend This Never Happened (Jenny Laws)

- Good Omens (Terry Pratchett) (series is on Amazon Prime)

- Bridget Jones Diary (Helen Fielding)

Go ahead, have a good laugh!

During self-isolation, it’s a good time to limit how much time you are spending consuming media. Instead of making media your hobby, find a new hobby to keep your mind occupied. While you’re at it don’t forget to laugh. Your mind will thank you. Laughter is good for your body and soul!

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