Ways to Find Balance While You Are Working From Home

Working at home is turning to be more difficult than anticipated. With the kids at home and possibly your partner, getting work done can be challenging. In the previous article 3 Ways to Set Boundaries While Working at Home, you learned some tips to help you work better. Here are some more things you can do to be more productive and feel more balanced.

Keep A Routine

When you went into the office, you had a routine. Maybe you worked out, put your work clothes on, and did your make-up and hair. Now you get out of bed, drink your coffee, and get to work in your pyjamas.

It’s time to get back into work mode. After all, you will be going back to the office eventually. Start getting up, doing your exercise routine, and getting ready as if you were going to work. Feeling like you’re at work helps you be more productive

Set a Structure for Your Kids

Help them to balance their school work and playtime. Most kids need structure or it wreaks havoc with their behaviour. After school work is done, give them activities to do. Plan things like:

- Letting them help cook or prepare food

- Crafts like painting or collages

- Blowing bubbles with the dog just for laughs

- Working in the garden

- Let them participate in your exercise routine

- Help them with their healthy activities and classes

Activities help keep their mind active and give them the structure they are missing from their daily routine. It also keeps them from looking at a screen all day. Some screen time is fine but should be limited.

Plan Out Your Meals and Snacks

Create your meal plan and snacks for the week and prepare most of your meals ahead of time. This not only saves you time, but you at not left scrambling trying to figure out what to feed the family.

When you are not required to take breaks, you’ll most likely work through them. That means you are skipping meals and snacks. Food helps give your body energy. If you don’t eat, you are more likely to feel tired or sleepy which cuts down on productivity.

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