Healthy Snacks for the Midnight Munchies

If you get hungry before bed, you may reach for chips or crackers. Not only are those empty calories, but they are not the best choices to have before you go to bed. There are healthy alternatives you can have that will satisfy your hunger and get you off to bed.


Combining a small banana with a tablespoon of raw almond butter ( or unsweetened almond butter) is low in calories and may help you sleep. Both bananas and almonds may increase melatonin levels helping you to drift off into dreamland.

Grab Some Kiwis

Kiwis come with several benefits, and they contain Vitamin C and Fiber. Two peeled kiwis are only 93 calories! You’ll be giving your body an essential antioxidant and feeding your gut with fiber. Studies show that Kiwis may help you fall asleep faster and stay asleep by promoting the release of serotonin.


Having a protein smoothie before going to bed is beneficial, and it will fill you up. Pour a cup of low-fat milk into a blender and add ½ to ⅔ cup of pineapple or mango. Milk has protein and tryptophan, which helps in the production of both serotonin and melatonin. You’ll be satisfied and off to sleep in no time.

Trail Mix

Whether you make your own or buy it from the store, trail mix is a sweet, satisfying treat if you have midnight cravings. Nuts and seeds contain lots of nutrition, such as good fat and B Vitamins. Walnuts are high in Omega 3, and sunflower seeds have an abundance of vitamins and minerals. You can add some dried cranberries or raisins for sweetness. Stay away from mixes with peanuts and chocolate. Raw nuts are best. Make sure you are only eating a quarter cup as nuts are higher in fat.

If you are up late and get hungry before bed, eating a healthy snack can be both satisfying and beneficial.