How You Can Eat Organic on a Budget

If you are on a budget, you may think that eating organic is impossible. Prices are higher on organic foods because without pesticides because growers have extra steps in caring for their crops. You can still eat organic however, even if you are on a budget. Here are some tips that can help you eat healthy, organic foods, and not bust your budget.

Stick to the Dirty Dozen

No, not the movie! You don’t have to go organic with every food you eat. The dirty dozen are the fruits and vegetables that contain the most pesticides. These are:

❖ Strawberries

❖ Grapes

❖ Spinach

❖ Kale

❖ Peaches

❖ Potatoes

❖ Cherries

❖ Pears

❖ Apples

❖ Nectarines

❖ Celery

❖ Tomatoes

❖ Hot peppers (I know this is 13)

These are the main foods that you’ll want to buy organic.

Buy in Season

Now that you know which foods to buy, you’ll want to buy them in season. When fruits and vegetables are in season, they cost less, even if they are organic.

Grapes and strawberries, for instance, are in season during the summer, so prices tend to be lower. Kale is a cold-weather vegetable and can be more budget-friendly in the Fall and Winter.

Store catalogues are a great way to find your favorite foods on sale, making buying organic fruits and veggies on a budget a lot easier.

Head to the Markets

Another great way to get fruits and veggies at a bargain are local farmer’s markets and co-ops. Get out of the house and head down to your local market on Saturday and Sunday, whilst you are there you can sample a delicious assortment of fresh bread, pastries, herbs and condiments.

Most likely the market stall owner that you buy your veggies from, will be the farmer and you are supporting small local Australian businesses by buying direct.

These are just a few ways to get organic produce when you are on a budget. Remember, you don’t have to buy everything organic, only the foods that contain the most amount of pesticides. By shopping smartly, you can eat organically, even on a tight budget.