3 Ways to Set Boundaries While Working From Home

Now that you are working from home, it can be very challenging trying to get any work done! Kids and possibly your partner are home too. There seems to be a buzz of activity and the kids want your attention every 5 minutes. To work more productively from home, you may need to set boundaries. Here are three ways you can start working more peacefully at home.

Stake Out Your Workspace

Find a space in your home that’s quiet that you can work from. It could be a bedroom corner or a dining room or a room that’s not being used. If there are two of you working from home, find separate spots so you can work without being distracted by your spouse even if it’s at opposite ends of the room.

There are all sorts of ways to create a desk, like a piece of plywood between two sawhorses for example. Be creative, you can look to Pinterest for inspiration. Make sure the height of your desk and chair are comfortable for you to work with.

Use headphones and soft music (like meditation music) to block out the noise of kids, TV, and your spouse’s conference calls!


Communication is key to getting cooperation while working at home. Have a family meeting first thing in the morning. Ask everybody what they are going to need from you and tell them what your expectations for the day are going to be. That way you can plan out your day with fewer interruptions and schedule time to help kids with homework if they need it.

Visual Cues

Work with your kids on creating visual cues so they know when they shouldn’t bother you. What do visual cues look like? It could be a simple sign on the door that says please knock on one side and do not disturb on the other side.

You could also set an alarm for the kids and tell them when the alarm goes off then, they can come to talk to you. Although your work is important, try to carve some time out for the kids even if it’s just 15 minutes.

Establishing visual cues communicates to other family members in the home exactly what you need from them.

Working from home has been a big adjustment for a lot of people. Sometimes working at home is not the ideal environment for business, especially at times like this where schools are out of session and everyone is stuck at home with you. By setting some boundaries with your kids and even your partner, you set yourself up for less frustration and more productivity when you are working from home.

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