The Power of Music for Stress Relief

For centuries music has been played at everything from rituals to events. Music is more, however than just something you sing to in the car or shower. Did you know that music can also be a powerful tool to relieve stress?

What Benefits Do You Get From Listening To Music?

Music can relax your mind and distract you from stress. The type of music you listen to determines how music affects you and can change your brainwaves. Music that is approximately 60 beats per second can sync with the brain’s alpha brainwaves.

The alpha waves are present when you are awake and relaxed. Researchers at Stanford University believe that music is therapeutic and can change your brain the same way medication does.

What Types of Music Work Best for Relaxation?

Music with strings, drums, and flutes work well for relaxation. Celtic, Indian string music, Native American, and Celtic all fit this category (just in case you don’t like classical music). Other types of sounds that are relaxing are nature sounds, including rain, thunder, and forest.

Since you won’t know exactly which type of music or sound works best for you, start experimenting with different genres to see which ones relax you. Everyone is different. If you use a digital service, you should be able to find a variety of music to experiment with to fit your needs.

If you would like to get immersed, YouTube also has some excellent videos that combined visuals such as beautiful scenery with nature sounds or relaxing music.

Try Using music that helps you destress when you:

- Drive on your commute to work

- Feel anxiety

- Want to fall asleep

- When you wake up in the morning

- When you are feeling stressed and want to relax

We often take music for granted because it is usually playing in the background, but music can be a great tool to help you manage stress. So put your headphones on and give it a try!