Top 4 Health Benefits from a Relaxing Bath

Everyone needs relaxation time. It helps your body and mind wind down from the stress of the day. Relaxation is different for everyone. Some people read a book; some people meditate, some people listen to music. There are a variety of ways you can relax. Taking a bath is another way of relaxing. It helps you relax, but soaking in a tub can offer some other health benefits.

Here are some benefits of taking a bath that you don’t get with other methods of relaxation:

Helps Improve Breathing

A bath can help your breathing in two ways. When you submerge your chest in warm water, it puts some pressure on your chest and lungs. The warm water also makes your heart beat fast, which improves oxygen flow. The steam can also clear your sinuses and chest of any congestion.

Helps Balance Hormones

If you have conditions such as chronic fatigue or fertility problems, a bath may help balance your hormones. Taking a more lukewarm bath helps the pituitary gland release certain hormones that contribute to balancing hormone deficiencies.

A warm bath can help with the release of can help increase serotonin levels. Serotonin is one of the hormones associated with feeling happy and balanced.

Reduces Pain

A hot bath can help reduce muscle aches and joint pain. Warm water relaxes the nervous system and loosens up tight muscles. Water is a low impact way to exercise, so if you do stretches and movement in the water, it can also help joints be more flexible.

Purifies the Body

Toxins can accumulate in the body and cause different symptoms, such as chronic pain or fatigue. Taking a hot bath with Epsom salt can help purify your body. Epsom salt can help with muscle soreness and stress, but it can also help with the release of toxins stored in your tissue.

Taking the time to relax is essential to your wellbeing. By incorporating a bath into your relaxation routine, you can experience a host of other health benefits.